How can I lift your spirit on an otherwise sad Thursday? I think the following track will do the trick. If you've followed the blog for a while, you know I've shared Justin Jay's music with you, including his track "Karma", which came out last year. Now the producer has made the most epic remix of his own track. I present to you "Karma" (JJ's Late Night Dub).  

I love everything on this track...the bass...the synths...the beat...the vibe...it all comes perfectly together. In fact, I like this remix better than the original, which I also liked a lot. It's like someone gives you a free plane ticket, but then at the gate they upgrade you to business class. That's a double-win...and the same goes for this dope remix.

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Up next is a track thats going to become your next earworm...so now you're warned. Producer Koni has remixed Drake's track "One Dance", but adding vocals by Casey Malone. The combination works wonders and with a sweet and catchy sounding tropical house vibe, this remix is just perfect for the summer season. You can even pick this one up as a free download. Make sure to check the link below for that!

Download HERE // Better quality version via BANDCAMP
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