Saturday, April 9, 2016

Falling For You

Swedish producer Anevo and Norman Doray have joined forces for this awesome single called "Falling For You" featuring Lia Marie Johnson. This interesting collab has a lot going for it. The chillout vibe instrumental with distinctive trap influences does a great job accompanying Lia's sensitive vocal. If you're used to Norman Doray's more classic approach to dance music, this might surprise you. It's a very different track for the French producer, but this is where Anevo's influences might come in, with his sense for the more relaxed and summer like musical flavours. "Falling For You" will be out via Spinnin' Records on April 18th. Until then you can stream it all you want right here.

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Up next is another collab. Alex Schulz and Kiso have created this piece of summerliciousness (yep, I just invented that word) called "Middle" feat. Kayla Diamond. This is such a nice and light easy going guitar dominated track that's the perfect soundtrack to prepare for the summer season. Although I get a summer vibe from this track, I also sense something very melancholic in the instrumental. This fits great with the theme of the lyrics, which are from DJ Snake's track "Middle", hence the title. Schulz & Kiso's cover collab is available as a free download via the link below. Enjoy :)

Download HERE
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