Monday, April 18, 2016

Get Down

Let's start off this week with a great energetic house tune. This one called "Get Down" comes from producer Paige. Maybe you'll recognise the sample used here, as it's the big hit "No Diggity" by Blackstreet. The sample comes to good use on this track and gives it a recognisable element that makes it very easy to groove along to. Paige elegantly displays his characteristic sound on the drop, but sticks with a cool and lighter piano roll for the verses, which gives "Get Down" a nice balance overall. You can pick up this track via Beatport (see link below), where it's out now on Juicy Music. 

Get "Get Down" by Paige on BEATPORT
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Up next is Meeka Kates with a new single called "Wild". Ever since the release of "Home", Meeka Kates has surprised me with his unique and recognisable sound. I believe it's a special type of reverb that gives his music that special something, but regardless of what his secret is, it sounds truly amazing. "Wild" is a cool indie electronica track, but it tells a slightly dark story too. According to the artist himself, it's about "a girl looking for an escape, perhaps willing to let herself be deceived in the hopes of finding one". It's a great track for easy listening though because of the slightly uplifiting melody and it's even available as a free download too. What's not to like? :D

Download HERE
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Finally, I want to wrap up with another piece of indie music. This is one is called "Playing With Fire" by Nick Leng. Over the last week I've listening to this a number of time. There's something really special about this track. The mood, the melody, the vinyl style crunchiness...I'm sold and it's a fantastic earworm. The subtle electronic influence on this track is just on point and makes the track sound both new and oldschool at the same time. Give it a good listen below, it's an amazing track!

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