Saturday, April 2, 2016


Yay! Eau Claire is back with a brand new remix :D This time it's a remix for Cappa's "Goddess". I wasn't familiar with the original track before listening to this remix, but I did my research and now I am a fan of both versions. Sticking with the remix though, it's a great melodic summer vibe'd track with some cool guitar strummin' to set the mood right. I like how it's really easy going and pleasant to listen to. This makes for a perfect weekend easy listening jam! Make sure to check it out and grab a free download via the link below:

Download "Goddess" (Eau Claire Remix) by Cappa HERE
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Up next is something seriously future. Aussie producer Ryda has made this cool track called "Waves" and it's spaced out track with all sorts of funny sounds. I love the vocal chopped melody and the samples from Zelda (the video game). It makes this track a little different, but it's still super catch and cool sounding. Ryda has made this track available for free, so make sure to grab via the box below:

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Finally, I want to round up with a new single by the legendary Pet Shop Boys called "Happiness". The duo have just released their new album "Super" and it has received some great reviews so far. I want to point out "Happiness" though as it has a really surprising sound. Although Pet Shop Boys have been around for a long time, they prove that their music can still keep up with time. "Happiness" is an amazing club tune and it's not 80's sounding at all. In fact, the entire album has more tracks like this and it's an absolute treat. That being said they have stayed true to their own sound and theme, but overall they've found a fantastic balance between old and new. This is probably the best surprise of 2016 in music! Here's "Happiness" for you, check your local Apple Music or Spotify for the full album.

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