Saturday, April 16, 2016

Burning Bridges

You've made it to the weekend! Congratulations. Now it's time to discover some awesome new music! Here should be something for everybody :)

The first track comes from Ayosha feat. Tihamer called "Burning Bridges" (Club Edit). The bass on this track is not kidding around, it's raw and powerful. Also the drop adds lots of omph for the dancefloor, with it's catchy melody and energetic flow. Even though this is quite a hefty track, the verses help to make the track balanced and the vocal is just on point for a track like this. Make sure to give the track a listen below and check out the music video to "Burning Bridges". It's pretty bad ass!

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If that was a bit to heavy for you, here's a lighter and more positive sounding track for you. This is "Boomerang" by Le Youth feat. Tay Beckham. With a light piano melody and a sweet vocal, this track get's catchier with every listen. The groove is really contagious and it's a great song for both the club and easy listening. You can even pick this one up as free download, so check the link below for that.

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Finally...I want to wrap up with some dope disco music. Ash Reynolds has been crafting this remix for Feiertag feat. Colin Lee called "Down To You". It's quite a deep sounding disco track, but it still works wonders. When listening to this, I can't help but to move along to the groove. Unlike some of Ash's other work, the sounds here are much more modern sounding and for a track like "Down To You" this is just spot on! Stream the track by hitting play and check the link below to add it to your  favourite Spotify playlist :)

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