Thursday, April 28, 2016


Today's first track comes from US based artist Brandyn Burnette, who has teamed up with Win & Woo for this release called "Underneath". It's a chill and deep sounding indie/soul electronica track, which makes it perfect as an easy listening track. Apart from Bradyn's stellar vocal, the instrumental is pretty sweet too. Particular the chorus' background effects are super cool. They are subtle, but they make this track just that much extra awesome. Listen to "Underneath" below and/or pick up a copy via Itunes. 

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Up next is a new release by NYC based duo Solidisco. They've taken Drake's "One Dance" and covered it with a vocal from Gayatri Nair and given it a fresh summer feelin' disco vibe that's going to make your ice cream melt. Also, there's no need to keep it at just one dance for this one...replay and you can dance to this again and again ;-)

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