Saturday, April 30, 2016

Can't Get To You

Danish producer and DJ duo Too Many Left Hands have released a new single called "Can't Get To You" feat. Layth. Apart from having catchy lyrics and a dope vocal, the instrumental is nicely balanced. The "drop" has a lush whoop style pluck sound that's simple, yet effective. This, together with the combination of acoustic instrumental make this a really refreshing track. "Can't Get To You" is out now and you can stream or download via the link below. 

Stream/Download HERE
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Just in case you're totally is Saturday after all. So what would be more appropriate than having a listen to Michael Gray's legendary track "The Weekend"?! Yes, you're right! This re-cooked up version by German producer and DJ Erick Decks!!! It's always a tricky undertaking to remix a classic, but when it's done right the result is absolutely fantastic and provides you with a great chance to re-discover a track from back in the day. Erick Decks' version is even available as a free download, so go have yourself a party!

Also, this isn't the only track Erick Decks has reworked. Check out his Soundcloud profile via the link below for more!

Download HERE
More reworks by Erick Decks via SOUNDCLOUD
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