Today's first track comes from UK based producer Dolo Jones and it's called "You". With a cool future bass style vibe, this track has a great clubby energy that's really contagious. This track has started out on a portable sampler on a train journey and now you get to enjoy the full end result. I guess this only shows that creativity can spawn from everywhere and in any situation. It's a cool track, so make sure to check it out below:

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Up next is a track that I've been looking forward to sharing with you. This track is called "High" by Copenhagen based trio called Audio District. The instrumental is really cool, using both modern and retro type sounds to create a fresh and original vibe. I've been listening to this track on repeat for a while and I am sure you will inevitably do the same once you hear this. You can even pick up a free download of "High" via Soundcloud. How awesome is that?! :D

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Finally, I want to wrap up today's post with a track that's been teased a lot on 3LAU's social media. You probably know this track by now, but just in case you haven't stumbled over this one yet, here's "Is It Love" feat. Yeah Boy. With a crazy catchy bass line and some dope lyrics, this track is going to be a 3LAU classic in no time. What's even more impressive and commendable by 3LAU is that all every cent generated from streaming and downloading of "Is It Love" will be donated to a campaign with Pencils of Promise. You can read more about that via the link below.

Donate to Pencils of Promise by downloading "Is It Love" via ITUNES
Read more about the campaign with Pencils of Promise HERE
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