Can't Complain

After releasing "Weatherman", Justin Jay is ready with the next release called "Can't Complain" feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges. Just as with "Weatherman" this track is a delightful mix between rock and electronic music. The bass line in particular has a very rock like flavour and you're left in no doubt when the guitar solo hits. It's a track that packs a punch, but in an oldschool rock music kinda way. I like this a lot :D Make sure to add this to your Favourites playlist in Spotify via the link below:

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Up next is a remix by Sean Turk for DJ Snake's "Middle". It's a smooth sailing remix this one and perfect for easy listening. Compared to the original mix, this version doesn't have the same sharp edges, but it actually like that a lot. The added trap elements also sound super on point and add some great detail. Make sure to pick up a copy of this remix, not just because it's free, but because it sounds amazing!

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