Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lake Arrowhead

Swiss based producer and DJ Nora En Pure released her latest EP yesterday called Lake Arrowhead. The EP contains 3 tracks in total, one of which is the track below titled "Lake Arrowhead". With some blissful melodic elements and a cracking bass line, Nora En Pure finds a great balance between chill out and house music. The combination is part of her signature sound, making this track a great introduction to her music if you aren't already familiar with it. You can listen to "Lake Arrowhead" below or buy the entire EP via Beatport (see link).

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Movin' on to another fresh EP, here's Simon Shackleton with Piece of Me. The original version of "Piece Of Me", which you can stream below has a delightful electro arp sound that's both clubby and funky at the same time. Together with the vocal effects this track gets a cool oldschool Daft Punk-ish vibe that's absolutely worth a listen. Check it out below:

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