Inside Out

The Chainsmokers' love for female vocalists doesn't stop with their newest single called "Inside Out" feat. Charlee. Thanks to Adrian Lux, the duo got hold of this amazing piece of pipe and what a result that's come from it. This is a more melancholic release and it's also a bit more downtempo compared to most of their other tracks. This change I welcome with open arms, but don't be fooled! It's still a 100% purebred The Chainsmokers BS! Check out the full stream via Soundcloud, or hit up the Spotify link below:

Stream via SPOTIFY
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Up next is a track by Dutch producer Elior called "My Eyes" feat. Sarah Monti. This is a lovely melodic deep house tune and an instant earworm (for me at least). If you've been looking for a track to accompany spring time...this might as well be it. I love the groove on this one and together with that vocal by Sarah Monti, I am a very happy listener :D Make sure to grab a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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