Monday, June 27, 2016


Today's first track comes from Felix Cartal, who's been crafting his version of Anna Of The North's "Baby". The result is a clubby indie electronica track, with a great melody and of course the amazing vocal from the original track. The instrumental has a great atmospheric vibe and that fits well together with the style of Anna Of The North. While I am not sure this remix will be officially released in a remix package, you can stream it all you want right here below:

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Moving on to another track that involves Felix Cartal. His collab with Kaskade, called "Fakin It", has received a formidable remix package including versions by Hotel Garuda, Hook N Sling and this one by Galactic Marvl. The simple synth intro immediately got my attention, but as the track progresses, it starts combining those blissful moments with energetic elements of trap and that ladies and gentlemen just works wonders on "Fakin It"! Check it out below and check out the full remix package via Spotify or Itunes. Enjoy :)

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