Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The one and only JackLNDN has released a new EP a few days ago called "Cheers". It features two amazingly mellow electronica tunes and if you're familiar with Jack's music, than you'll notice that the style on this EP is a bit different compared to what he has released until now. The new sounds are refreshingly different and perhaps best explained as a mix between RnB, indie and electronica. The first track "Cheers" is the more upbeat of the two, but both tracks generally have a very relaxed vibe. Give both tracks a spin and make sure to pick up a free download of the EP via the link below:

Download HERE
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If that wasn't mellow enough for you, here's a track by Brika called "You". You won't hear a smoother track all week, at least not on this blog. When I first listened to this track, the vocal just knocked me out. Together with that light funky instrumental, this is an absolute winner. The less I wrote about this track and the earlier you hit that play button, the better for both of us!

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