Thursday, June 30, 2016

No Money

Up next is a remix by Toronto based producer Chet Porter for Galantis' "No Money". Unlike a lot of other "No Money" remixes, this is relatively low key and different. With a toybox like sound in the background and a flute melody on top, the new instrumental goes surprisingly well together with the original vocal. This remix took me a few plays to get used to, but I like it because it's so very different from all the other remixes I've heard of this track and that's something to pay attention to. Give it a spin yourself and hit him up on social media via the link below:

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Up next is a new track by Vokes called "Backroad" feat. Nevve. The track is a fun mixture of various genres and the style reminds me a little of "Ride By Bicycle" by Skylar Grey, but at the same time it's not at all similar. I love the flow on the vocal and the easy going instrumental. They both compliment each other perfectly, making the track both memorable and special sounding. "Backroad" is the 4th and last single from Vokes' forthcoming debut EP called Fractalism.

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