Friday, June 24, 2016

Right When You Need Me

While today has all been about Brexit and Her Majesty The Queen abandoning the EU ship, let me serve you some tunes to clear your mind. 

First off is LEFTI with a new nu-disco release called "Right When You Need Me" feat. TC Milan. The track has a fresh summer like disco feel to it, with an amazing vocal and an upbeat and positive vibe. The French House inspired bass line and funky guitar feels right at home on a track like this and the drop, with its looped -eyeaha,eyaha-, makes "Right When You Need Me" really catchy sounding too. This track is part of LEFTI's new EP called "Somebody", which was released today and available via Itunes (see link below).

Get "Somebody" EP by LEFTI on ITUNES
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Let's go clubby with the next track. Miami based Sluggers have released a new EP called "My Head" and one of the two tracks featured on it, is this one called "Underground". The name "Underground" explains the track well. The sound is deep, industrial, techno inspired and filled with the most awesome bass. Make sure to give it a spin and check out the full EP via the link below:

Stream "My Head" EP by Sluggers on SOUNDCLOUD
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