Friday, June 10, 2016

Bring Back The Summer

Whoa, just look at that artwork, if that doesn't make you want to hit the beach I don't know what will. Well...ok maybe some music will seal the deal! Dave Edwards produced a super awesome remix for Rain Man's "Bring Back The Summer" and it's a proper summer anthem. The more this remix speaks for itself, the better actually. My words can't justify how awesome it sounds. You can even pick up a free download via the link below. Go get yourself a cool drink, kick back and turn up the stereo!

Download HERE
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Although the title of the next track is "Felt This Good", I am pretty sure that Kap Slap didn't feel that way when his latest single had to be removed from Soundcloud due to label trouble. I posted the track right when it was released and it never had a fair chance to shine. Besides, this is probably the best track to take with you into the weekend (including the track above of course). Below is the original post from two weeks ago as well:

Kap Slap has recently been surprising everyone with his awesome story telling style mashups, but the track he has dropped today marks a whole new beginning for the producer. While "Felt This Good" is not his first original, it's by far the best track he has released to date in my opinion. There's no denying that the sound is of a more commercial nature than some of his other original work, but this is where I observe Kap Slap being right at home. His love for pop music comes right through here with this track, but it still captures that unmistakably Kap Slap sound in a grande way. Kap Slap's new single is out now via Ultra Records. Pick it up or stream via link below:

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