Thursday, June 9, 2016


LA based Jon Sprot, better know as Virtu by many, got his hands on Illenium's track "Sleepwalker" and remixed it to infinity and beyond. With an almost Porter Robinson'esque vibe to it, this version greatly balances the tracks sensitive side, but also the more powerful and melodic side, with an excellent powerful and melodic drop. I love the sounds that have been used and everything just seems to work out as if it was meant to be this way from the beginning (no offense to the original mix, which is absolutely amazing as well). Virtu is giving his version away for free, so pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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Up next is a new single by Canadian powerhouse trio DiRTY RADiO. These guys just know how to make awesome music and with their latest track they prove my point. "Killin Me 2.0" is a groovy and funky house track with lots of positive vibes. "Killin Me" was originally released in 2012, but the trio decided it needed an update to better fit with their current live context. The new instrumental is absolutely cracking though, so no matter if you're listening to this the first time, or rediscovering "Killin Me" again, you won't be disappointed. Also, make sure to pick up a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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