Chelsea Lankes' track "Bullet" has been remixed by the duo Instant Karma, turning this track into a clubby and summery vibe'd house track. Apart from having an incredibly catchy melody, this remix also allows for Chelsea's vocal characteristics to shine. As a result, this track nicely balances emotions and energy and that is pretty much all you want from a track of this caliber. It is music like this that puts me in a good mood...so maybe it will work for you too. Give it a spin below:

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Toronto based duo Loud Luxury also have a remix up their sleeve, this time for Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop The Feeling". There's no denying that JT has hit it big with this track. Apart from looking at the charts, the number of remixes I have received for this track alone is pretty substantial. Together with the version by Erick Decks, this is one of the best remixes for CSTF I've heard. With a catchy bass line and some very rhythmic piano chords, Loud Luxury have managed to transform a track that was already meant for partying. Now it just makes you want to party even more. Grab a free download via the link below:

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