Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Istanbul based producer Pinapple Pop's track "RJCTD" has received a dope remix package and one of the remixes included is this one my Xinobi. Taking a deep house route, Xinobi's version provides the listener with a hypnotic and mysterious sounding melody. The soft and faded sounding synth chords, along with the bass line, gives the track a very special vibe, completely transforming "RJCTD". Xinobi also didn't use the vocal line from the original mix, making it very difficult to even identify as a remix for "RJCTD". The remix package is out now and also features version by Rob Made and Hackney Polo.

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Now to something more progressive. Kaskade recently played one of his biggest shows at the LA Convention Center and also dropped a few exciting new mashups. Often these don't get released to the public, but Kaskade decided to relaunch his iconic KMM (Kaskade Music Monday) and made his mashup "Going Nowhere I Can Fly" available yesterday, combining The Brocks' newest single with Jewelz & Sparks. The result speaks for it self, so make sure to hit that play button and pick up a free download via the link below:

Download HERE
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