Sunday, June 19, 2016

Come Get It

How time flies. It's already Sunday (again) and another fresh week is knocking on the door. Here's your chance to refuel with some cool new tunes, before everything gets hectic again.

To put you in the right mood, here's a cool new track by CHIMES (Draper & Paul Aiden) called "Come Get It". It's a house/pop inspired song, with a sweet upbeat vibe and some cool guitar sounds for the main melody parts. It has a really good feel to it and the groove makes the track dance all the way through your ear canal, in a dope way. Give it a spin below and check out CHIMES via their social media (see links below):

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French producer M.Waxx is responsible for this next track, which is a remix for Sam Feldt's "Shadows Of Love". I really like the sounds that have been used for this version and the melody and vibe gives the track a subtle and absolutely on point deep vibe, which suits the original track very well in my opinion. I particularly like the high pitch vocal snippets, combined with the soft synth pluck sound when the track starts. It's so simple, yet so effective and addictive. Unfortunately there's no option to download this remix or buy it anywhere, but stream it all you want right here below.

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