Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Say It Again

Luca Masini and Reuben James who make up the dup KINGDM have release a new single called "Say It Again" and it's absolutely stellar! This track has become an absolute earworm for me, thanks to it's catchy melody and lush summery vibe. The vocal too is on point and so is the tropical style beat. If you've not been happy with the pool of summer anthems so far, this one is guaranteed not to disappoint you. "Say It Again" is out now and available via Itunes (see link below).

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Producer ZHU has released a new single called "GenerationWhy" and it's one of those track you want to listen to, with your feet kicked up and a fancy cold drink in hand (you know, the ones that have umbrellas in them). The reverb on the guitar gives the track a nice fresh feel and together with the vocal it is just pure bliss. As you'll hear "GenerationWhy" was premiered on Beats 1 Radio, so if you want to listen to the track without Zane Lowe talking on top of it, check the Itunes/Spotify links below:

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