Qui es-tu?

Can I order two portions of Dim Sum, please? Yes, you certainly can, Sir!

So here we are with two awesome remixes cooked up the the French duo Dim Sum. The first track is a remix for Guster called "Long Night". For a disco track it's actually quite calming. The soft chords in the verses makes it very calming and so do the chimes. The main hook is funky and fresh sounding and perfect for the hot summer months. So make sure to add this one to your playlist (check the link for Spotify below).

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Dim Sum have also made this remix for Poom called "Qui es-tu?" and, yup...that's definitely a summer track too. It's light and fresh like a glass of lemonade, but it has a slightly more happy and upbeat vibe, compared to the remix above. The characteristic vocal line by Poom is always classy. Maybe you remember Les Voiles, which was a big hit last year? Either way, this is a dope track too, so check it out below:

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