Kill Em With Kindness

My favourite Canadian duo have been very busy lately, so busy in fact I couldn't even keep up with their releases! Time to make up for that. Here are two amazing Young Bombs remixes, the first one for Selena Gomez's "Kill Em With Kindness". Adding some on point melodic touches and combining them with some epic vocal chop and punchy chords, results in a direct winner. It's an upbeat track, yet theres a good balance in the overall, as the verses have a more lowkey beat. This is your weekend party starter, so go ahead and grab a copy via Itunes (link below):

Get "Kill Em With Kindness" (Young Bombs Remix) on ITUNES

The second remix was released about two weeks ago, so there is a chance you have already stumbled upon it. It's however one of my favourite remixes ever made by Young Bombs, so shame on me for not sharing this earlier. This remix was made for Anna of the North's track "The Dreamer" and while it's also upbeat, it has a much more atmospheric and calming vibe, compared to the Selena Gomez remix above. The entire sound stage fits like hand in glove with Anna of the North's vocal and it makes for yet another great summer track. This one is even available as a free download, so go ahead and pick up a copy via the link below:

Download HERE
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