Monday, June 13, 2016


Brooklyn based DJ and producer LEFTI just announced a new EP called "Somebody" and with it he released the title track as well. The track, which can be classified as a funk/house hybrid, nicely balances live instruments with electronic elements. The bass line on this track is absolutely epic, but so is the guitar and the rhythmic piano play. It's one of those track that will put you in a good mood, even if you're sour and grumpy. The full EP will be out on June 24th, but until then you can stream "Somebody" all you want, right here below:'

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Up next is a remix from Win & Woo for XYLØ's "L.A. Love Song". If you're a fan of Win & Woo you'll definitely notice the different sound they've gone with for this track. Their remix has elements of trap, yet it also has it's very own identity as well, making it very interesting to listen to. Theme wise, this track makes for a great summer track, thanks also to the beautiful vocal by XYLØ front singer Paige Duddy. Win & Woo's remix is part of the official remix package for XYLØ's "America" EP,  so check out the download/streaming links below.

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