Saturday, June 18, 2016

m.a.l.m.r. - Hopeless Place (We Found Love) // Exclusive Premiere

Let's start out today's post with something really special. London based producer m.a.l.m.r. has produced a new track called "Hopeless Place (We Found Love)". It's somewhat difficult for me to say what genre this is, so I won't bore you with my attempts to place this in a box. Instead I will encourage you to pay close attention to this track, as it proves that you don't have to follow a cookie cutter structure to make great music. The sounds used here are excitingly different and the vocal is hauntingly captivating in an almost hypnotic way. The soft synths and bass sounds create a dope background track that really sets the stage for "Hopeless Place" and gives it a great atmospheric vibe. There is no release date available for the track yet and it's likely to stay live for only a short amount of time (for now that is), so make sure to get your streams going on and hit that play button below:

Up next is the track "Noises" by Jessi Malay and this particular version is the remix by Kryptogram. The Chicago based producer has taken this track and turned it into deep house bliss. The lovely deep bass filled melody fits really well together with a pitched Jessi Malay vocal. Personally, I prefer this clubbier take on "Noises" compared to the original, but give it a spin yourself and check it out. While there's no release date for this or download option, you can stream it all you want right here below:

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