Saturday, June 4, 2016

No Money

Every time Galantis release a new single you know it's legit, but it gets even more legit when Two Friends show up and remix the pants off the original. Continuing in the same line as with their last remix for Audien's "Something Better", the duo again went along to create magic with live instruments. On this version of "No Money", a serious guitar solo dominates the drop in a refreshing and powerful way. Another thing to point out is how well Two Friends characteristic sound matches the Galantis vocal...Grade A stuff! The remix is available as a free download (see link below). 

Download HERE (radio edit)
Download HERE (extended mix)
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If that might have been too clubby for you, here's a track by The Geek x VRV feat. Kellylee Evans & Atom called "Coming Up". This track is like melted butter...warm, smooth and delicious. That came over weird...but I hope you get what I mean. This track is part of an upcoming EP called Origami, featuring a total of five tracks, out on June 10th. So if you're still out collecting summer music, make sure to add this to your list.

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